Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Fly Southwest Airlines

The 3 things I love about Southwest: Bags Fly Free, low fares, and cancellation policy. You probably have seen many commercials about Bags Fly Free. SWA is the only carrier that does not charge fees for checking bags. Passengers can save up to $100.

Looking for a summer or winter vacation? SWA offers direct flights to Las Vegas, Denver, and Chicago. They offer lower fares because of access to mid-major airports and having many connecting flight options. Also, you can install and configure a SWA tool on your pc which prompts you about Ding fare notifications, more deals.

When flights are booked in advance, plans change and unexpected events may occur. In January, I tore my MCL a week before my snowboard trip. Southwest allows passengers to cancel flights anytime and receive credit towards a future reservation within the year.

Two tips I would pass on. You should always book one-way fares. Roundtrip fares are the same price but one-way fares allow you to rebook the same flight(s) easier if a better deal comes up later. Also, you should always check-in 24 hours in advance to receive priority seating and not get stuck with middle seats.

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